About Gardens

The sole purpose of this website is to provide a platform to an individual for his/her transformation into a personality which has that magnetic power to achieve every dream in life. The abbreviation GARDENS stand for Group, Activity, Relationship, Development, Environment, Nature, Services. It is a programme where personality is designed through gardening of mind under the concept of GARDENS. The doctrine of GARDENS states that a healthy group when works on an activity together, it nurtures strong relationship among the team mates, simultaneously developing them into individuals who have a strong inner environment and the potential to influence their outer environment. This inturn leads them to their own nature and ultimately towards their goal, that is services in any form.

Not only this, GARDENS transforms the group of negative thoughts into positive thinking with the help of various activities which groom them and develop a strong relationship between their mind and body thus building a healthy environment in their inner self thereby introducing themselves to their true nature which enhances their potential to serve in themselves, their family and country. We believe that a healthy group has the potential to transform the personality of an individual from negative to positive and a magnetic personality inturn attracts a positive group. Human mind has the power to achieve anything it can think of or dream of. Through the process of GARDENS we identify the aptitude and skills of individuals and then channelize them towards their goals by inculcating passion for their aim and themselves.

The journey runs in three steps- Who am I? What to do? and How to do? The participants are able to answer these questions in the different stages of their training by themselves through self analysis at each step. The programme comprises of number of activity i.e workshops, seminars, online self guidance and counseling and buisness. Step into this beautiful journey and meet the hidden genius in you.

** Workshops and Seminars are on demand basis.